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December 18 2008

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The Break-Up Service.  It's an ad by Adidas but it should exist.   :-D
test? Does this work.  If it does, well, I enjoyed watching it.
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The Hip Hop Pirate

December 16 2008




I never could find anything through the mac's searches, since I never really delete anything :) ... now someone tells me that it has regex options to it.  Well, I'm in heaven.

December 11 2008

20081211-desktop on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Desktop Thursday

last one..

December 09 2008

Top 5 when I get home. :)
Good grief -- it's taken 17 minutes to install Spore on my iMac. What are they doing?! ... grumble ...

December 08 2008

Pownce : Note From DownByLaw

via !DownByLaw says: To everyone posting music in these final days.

Please reply with the link to your post here:

That is the post that is grabbing all music posts in the replies to include them on the page that !leahbasskitten so graciously set up for us.

Music Till We Die

Forward this or whatever, so we can all share the music.

What can you do with 25 lines of code? Me? Eh, I didn't get to enter, but http://www.25lines.com/?page_id=139 generated some pretty interesting results in Actionscript/Flash.

December 05 2008

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I've been looking at all the polical posters generated for the campaigns this year. I found most of the interesting ones were for Obama. Here's a link talking about a planned art exhibit -- http://review-magazine.org/2008/10/28/obama-a-poster-collectors-perspective/

When The Pawn.._

(ZIP, 38.7 MB)
Not one of my top 10 faves,, but I love listening to it and I thought I'd post it.

Fiona Apple - When the pawn...

Pownce : Beverly G._1228452734354 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

uhm, redo pt4.

creativecomponent says: !cool says: Pownce screenshot meme. Take a screenshot of your Pownce home page and post it on Pownce. If you're on Flickr also share it with the Powncer Pictures group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/powncers/
And yea, I don't have a really good digital camera... I spent my money on the lens. :P
4277 dd50 500
My new 12mm lens finally came! Yea.

082-3011 Fr and Fam Employee Email

(PNG, 51.7 KB)
Friends and Family discount @ Macy's
Keep Pownce ALIVE!

!SpaceBass says: This week has been one of the most passionate weeks on Pownce ever. It has reminded me how important my Pownce friends are and how much this community means to us all. While the transition of the Pownce team to Six Apart is seemingly a fete accompli, what does our own transition say about us as a community?

!downbylaw posted a picture from "say anything" yesterday, the message from that scene in the movie is clear: why are we all so seemingly OK with the Pownce closing? Why are we wishing the everyone good luck and just moving on(of course it is well intentioned and genuine)?

As a personal analogy - I've witnessed a major airlines reversing a business decision because, as a part of a vocal, and significant, minority we told the world how we felt. We took to the web and wrote the press and voted with our choices. There were some decisions that were reversed when that vocal minority got loud enough. Why are we no prevailing to 6 Apart in a similar fashion?

Why are we acquiescing like this is a done deal? If there are really only 200K of us, how much could hosting for that group cost? Close the doors to the cross posters, let's sell some ad space, but why can't we keep our community?

Six Apart: consider this a call to action - this is your chance to gain the favor of 200,000 users who are passionate about their community. Pendants suggest a group like that is worth $20 per user; and we know it is impossible to put price on the evangelical commitment demonstrated by the Pownce die-hards. Do the right thing, and the reward will come back tenfold. We'll digg, blog, twit, plurk and most importantly Pownce about how Six Apart saved a community of users who care deeply about their service.

To the pownce community: If we do not stand up for our community, no one else will. Its that simple. If you want to be heard start answering the comments on Digg, and Valleyway. Stop letting the people who do not 'get it' paint Pownce in an unfavorable light - the history of the internet will remember us for our actions, not lack of action. If we take 10% of the energy we have put into posting about new sites and services this week and pour that same effort into fighting for our community, I promise we will at least be remembered as a community that did not go gently.

I will continue to use Pownce and be as positive as I can be until the last minute that I am allowed to post. I will stand up for Pownce everywhere and respond to naysaying comments and confront detractors by telling them about the community we built and stood behind not matter what. I will not stop being a Powncer.

December 04 2008

!creativecomponent says: Ya! What she said!

!Skoolie says: As the end of Pownce draws nearer each day we have some cool stuff going on.

* !downbylaw posting a crapton of music.
* !cool with a cool screenshot pownce meme
* !blogkitten with her Final Pownce Cast
* !spacebass hosting the final FNPDC
* !creativecomponent talking about getting a vote going on a Best of Pownce / Superlatives

Glad to see the spirit lives on.
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creativecomponent says: !cool says: Pownce screenshot meme. Take a screenshot of your Pownce home page and post it on Pownce. If you're on Flickr also share it with the Powncer Pictures group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/powncers/
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